Direct Network Configuration & System Administration

DNCSA provides high quality support for home and business users in and
around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire in the united kingdom.

What DNCSA offers:
We specialise in providing bespoke electronic hardware solutions and I.T support to small retail & home business startups.
We can provide custom written utility software and custom electronic hardware to enable old device intergration into existing or new systems.
We can provide design and development support for new products from early concept, through to production.
These are just a few of our main services.

We aim to provide the best possible one to one service by making sure we stay up to
date with the latest technological developments in the ever-changing world of IT and electronics,
so you do not have to spend time and resources looking around deciding what could be best.

We can advise and help you with answers to technical questions when purchasing for your home,
office or business professional and friendly service provides technical help and advice you need when you need it and above
all, we aim to provide a comprehensive, friendly and trustworthy service.

For more information or to ask us for a consultation please contact us. info@dncsa.co.uk

Please Note the following:
1. Clients are requested to login via the secure customer portal.
Details of how to login to your VPN and Secure Storage account can be found in your subscription letter.

2. We are currently only accepting new clients through written recommendation from any of our existing clients
3. Due to increased phishing attempts and domain name scams to aquire our domain name, DNCSA makes the following statement:
The Domain Name DNCSA.co.uk is in every day use by us and our clients and is NOT for sale or exchange at this time.
4. Yes.. this 'Web Page' is 'very simple' and is designed as intended.
5. We send DDoS Alert notification messages. Feedback Info on DDoS may be sent to you if your system has been identified as a contributor
in a suspected attack.
(These messages are clearly identified and infrequent. If you get one, please take approprite action to discuss and resolve the problem.)
6. Specific attempts to use 3 way handshake SYN attacks will be recorded and the data shared with authorities.

7. WARNING: Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on any of our servers is strictly
prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National
Information Infrastructure Protection Act. For site security purposes and to ensure our servers remain
available to authorised users, we monitor all network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload
or change information or to otherwise cause damage to our servers or site content.
All Attempted login events and credentials are recorded for use as proof of intent to gain access without authorisation.
More than one failed attempt at login will flag the session for DSP inspection. DSP Failure will result in your IP being blocked.
+++ To negate possible action DO NOT attempt to make unauthorised connections to our systems or send
unsolicited mail through or into our systems.+++

Please do NOT program any script or automation tool to access our website, Links, Images or other resources repeatedly.
Any use of automation to access any of our resources will result in a firewall block and ban from accessing the site.
In most cases this will also terminate any subscription's you may have. See your subscription letter terms of service.

Robots and Crawlers will be blocked, if visits are more frequent than 24 hours apart (This is Dynamic and may vary based on source and type).
Why? do we do this... Unfortunately we have been forced to do this, because there are users on the net, who abuse the freedom of the internet and use it with bad intent.

We predict at some point in the future, if the hacking and abuse is not addressed, we will see free access to the internet becoming a very restricted and over regulated place.
It may be a place where you will be required to authenticate before you can use it or have access to its resources.
It may be a pay as you browse service because someone has to pay for the regulatory body and security it would have to offer in order to be safe.
So let’s not go there. Play nice and enjoy what the internet has to offer responsibly. Thank you.

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